(UI Improvement & Development)

While I was a member of the star-crossed International team at, I had a few opportunities to implement UI improvements. This is one of the larger successes.

While we were integrating ads with the Match International platform, I took the opportunity to update the aesthetics of the user's homepage. We had a few goals:

  • Colors — The colors made no sense and looked like a 90s Nickelodeon ad. Additionally, we had three different colors for hyperlinks. I added an easier way to indicate a user was logged in at the time.
  • Modernize — I switched from using one monstrous sprite image to CSS and achieved the same (and better) effect as the original.
  • Pictures — We were loading profile thumbnails that were 100px x 100px but resizing them to be around 73px x 73px. This made no sense to me as the images are what make people use the site, so I worked them in at full size.

As mentioned I bundled these changes with the implentation of advertisements. That means we didn't have explicitly stated goals for how we expected the changes to perform. We did what we always did and implemented it as part of an A/B test and we got some pretty great results.

Profile views
↑ 40%

This is the UI we ended up with:

The new home page
The new homepage

And left this behind:

The old home page
The old homepage