About Me

I love: biking around, climbing mountains, reading books, and Zahra.

I like working with: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Node, Express, Rails, Backbone, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

My Life Story

I come from Arkansas by way of Texas. The first epoch of my life was spent in a rural part of the Ozarks — speeding down one lane dirt roads, canoeing, fishing, and romping through the woods. It seems a like a country song now but it never felt like one at the time (I even drove a truck).

My urban epoch began when I moved to Dallas for school. While I studied 3D animation I collected a number of useless skills — sanitation, sales, art retouching, Photoshop composition, and web design.

Web design stuck and I gradually moved into what could be called front-end development. I've plied my trade at small design boutiques, marketing shops, massive web companies, and startups.

Most recently I lived in Los Angeles but for the moment I've gone nomadic. Once again I'm trying a few things and seeing if any of them stick.