How I broke Gmail

Last night I started drafting an email in Gmail after I was asked to critique the front end of a site. Normally I would've use Airmail but I don't like the way it handles inline images.

An hour into the process I had a staggering 11 images in the email and I was adding a 12th. This was too much for Gmail and the uploader stopped working.

Then I noticed the tiny message in the corner, "draft not saved." I found myself wishing there was a way to tell when Gmail had last saved a draft. I assumed it had been saved sometime between my last image upload and my latest failed attempt. I decided to approximate saving the work by sending the email to myself.

Hitting send locked up Gmail completely, of course. The yellow loading indicator squatted at the top of my screen and all of the links on the sidebar stopped working. I wrote the email off as lost and resigned myself to re-doing whatever work wasn't saved.

I closed the tab.

When I navigated back to Gmail I got this friendly message:

Locked out

The outdated copyright and broken links in the footer didn't inspire a lot of confidence. After clearing my cookies and localStorage had no effect, I figured it was time for bed.

Day Two

When I went to Gmail this morning I expected my account to be unlocked as my phone had been receiving emails. My inbox loaded up and I clicked on drafts, eager to finish my work. The loading indicator appeared and then Gmail froze.

My account was locked again.

To summarize: I can't click on drafts in Gmail without locking my account. I have found that all my email clients (Airmail, Mailbox, Apple Mail, etc) can still read and send email. They can even look at the drafts which crash the web app.

Use Gmail at your own risk.